PANPURI hot spring


 Bangkok Thailand


 hot spring

Floor area




Design period

Dec 2016 -




Sunday arch (Construction drawing)

“We want customers to enjoy the great view in the most effective way”.
This is what we have thought when we visited the site first time. It is quite rare to have such a great view in a building jungle of Bangkok, and we are so lucky to have this view to create a magnificent Onsen experience.

The focus of design is to emphasize the city view to give a memorable Onsen impression to customers. In order to do so, we have designed a perfect background instead of creating a standout interior design.

Once customers arrive at entrance, a warm and bright entrance lounge would welcome them. Then customers are lead to rather dark hallway towards to Onsen, then everything except necessary items are designed in dark black. This is creating very relaxing atmosphere as well as emphasizing the city view especially when visitors enter to the Onsen.
Needless to say, we have created several different types of Onsen such as high concentrated soda bath and mineral bath for customers to enjoy the variety. There are many other detailed considerations. The lighting is perfectly dimmed to focus on the night view. We have specified the cutting edge Japanese equipment to provide extremely hygienic bath.
We believed that this concept of “creating a perfect background to enjoy the view instead of creating interior design” is truly embodied Panpuri’s concept:“Your Optimum Self Realized”.