GEKKA, Japanese restaurant


Shanghai China


Japanese restaurant

Floor area

220 sqm



June - Sept 2016



GEKKA, located in the center of Shanghai, is a famous Japanese chef specializing in eel as an ingredient of Japanese fine dining restaurant, the restaurant is characterized by: although there is a fixed menu, but most customers like to sit at the bar through the chat with the head chef to understand and order the best dish of the day.

Our concept is to provide a platform where guests can interact with the head chef and also feel the chef's cooking skills, and to show more directly the various ingredients such as eel. Therefore, we first designed a relatively long bar and also surrounded the bar space with a curved golden ceiling to increase the sense of integration between the head chef and the guests. Behind the bar, we designed a fish tank with a large number of Japanese eels swimming around, so that the privacy of the bar space can be made while the simple scenery can create more surprises for the guests.