Wuxi blossom hill hotel


Wuxi China


hot spring hotel

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Blossom hill


Apr 2014~





The project is located in Yangshan Town, Wuxi City.  The base is consisted of five scattered plots in the Peach Blossom Island Park, with the sum of construction land area 55,136 square meters. The construction includes hotel lobby, conference, banquet hall, room area, restaurant and auditorium, boutique spa, hot spring and facilities.

The five plots of the base are consisted of lobby area, room area, restaurant & auditorium area, indoor spa area and courtyard spa area. The lobby area will adopt the "Enframed Scenery " design concept, from the road into the lobby, providing a sight corridor allowing one to look through the lake, the peach trees and Yangshan hill, and connecting the indoor and outdoor scenery to appreciate a changing view of the buildings while one walks along the sight corridor.

One can take a boat directly from the lobby to reach the room area in the lake. With the “overhead” tactics, the rooms are designed with three elements including the peach trees, the inns, and the spa, demarcating public and private levels, and mixing the landscape views and indoor spaces of the buildings.  The first floor forms an intimate interaction with the environment, the common living room. The living rooms links the sleeping rooms and spa pools by double staircase, while both levels of the architectural complex commune directly with the environment.