Daqing China


Residence, gymnasium, kindergarten, shop

Floor area



Daqing Aolong real estate


Apr 2010~Nov 2013




Lighting design: Kakudate Masahide lighting architect and associates,Signage design: uji design

‘According to the climatic conditions of cold regions, we not only endeavor to meet the needs of the functions and comforts of residential units,

but also consider the maximization of landscape value, lighting effects, and energy savings, to create a beauty based on the deliberation of these rational factors.’ This statement is the fundamental belief at the core of our ‘left bank city’ in Daqing, China.

The overall layout organizes a collection of buildings in terms of their height from high to low, so that as many residents as possible can enjoy mass amounts of sunlight along the open waterfront landscape of Liming river. Correspondingly, semi-detached villas are arranged in the southeastern part of the site next to six-storey residences that lead to high-rises in that occupy the northwest corner.

The disadvantage in the north-south layout for the structures is that unfavorable gusts of east-west cold breezes will take away indoor heat from the glass surfaces. in order to combat these wind loads, We have designed the facades with as many vertical cylindrical components as possible that create a gap of 550mm away from the exterior walls. this uneven system with convex protrusions also reduces the intensity of low temperatures to increase the amount of energy saved during the winter. Aesthetically, the buildings are dressed with three hues of red in ode to the forbidden city and an elegant white respectively, forming a unique urban landscape in Daqing.

As the Daqing Saertu district government is located on the north side of the plot, the entrance has been created with a setback distance as wide as 80 meters, leaving enough area for the plaza to act as a user-friendly public space and buffer against the political facilities government buildings. In the southern entrance of the complex, a 250 meter-long internal road features covered slopes and low walls of plants. As vehicles drive down its path, the road splits into two directions for the six-storey and villa sections, with the latter being completely hidden behind landscape elements to provide privacy.